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Wednesday June 26th, 2019

Happy Wednesday all!👋

Today's blog post is a pretty simple one. I don't want to go into any in-depth review or detail. As you can tell by the title, I will be showcasing a list of my top 5 favourites movies of all time. I'm hoping for this to be the start of a new series on my blog, where I'll highlight some of my top 5 favourite things from various categories. So, let's get started!

#1: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I know, I know... I'm choosing the sequel over the first movie. I would put them both at the same level, but I don't believe in ties for top 5 lists.

Either way, this movie takes the cake. It has an incredible soundtrack, and superb cast and I very original story. I love the authenticity of this series and it's almost 007 like theme is extremely engaging. Solid 10/10, will watch any chance I get.

#2: Avengers: Endgame

Okay, don't get me wrong, I love my old classic movies. But you cannot deny that Endgame was one of the most anticipated movies of all time. Its ratings and sales broke world records, and it tied up the 10 years of Marvel Cinematic greatness. No question about it, it will be on my list for a long time.

#3: Ready Player One

This is the first (and only) movie that I made the effort to read the book before watching the movie. Mainly because the movie came out 3 years after I read the novel. If you haven't already done so, watch this movie. It is incredible and speaks to more than just your average nerd. I don't think I've talked to anyone about this movie who said they didn't enjoy it. But because I am your average nerd, I absolutely LOVED it and its extremely clever plot and character development. It was also the inspiration behind adding the secret Easter egg on my website... 🤐

#4: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I don't care if it's the end of June, I'll put this movie on any time of the year. I do prefer to get my dose in during the holiday season, but I will not miss an opportunity to sit down and quote this movie from start to finish. Unusual, inspirational and downright hilarious.

#5: Benchwarmers

The funniest and stupidest movie I think I've ever watched. Another one of those great ones that I can quote from start to finish. It really is a pretty dumb movie, but it has such a solid cast. I still laugh at every scene I laughed at the first time around. It will never get old.

Honourable Mentions:
Love Guru - Liar Liar - John Wick - Us.

And that about settles it. I hope you guys enjoyed the read. Let me know if any of these movies sit anywhere on your top 5 movies list. 🤗 Message me on any of the social media's below!

Bis später! 👋

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