Queue The Music: Chapter 3

Friday July 5th, 2019

We made it to Friday!👏

I hope everyone is ready to get the weekend started! I've got plans to go see Spider-Man: Far From Home tonight! 👍

Another chapter of Queue The Music for you guys! I enjoy writing for this series on a Friday because that's when a lot of new music is released and I share my findings with you guys! This one is going to be short and sweet though. I hope you guys find something you enjoy! 😊

Song #1

My man Post is getting back into the rhythm with a new track! I'm hoping this leads to a couple more bangers and if anything, a whole album later this summer. This definitely has a lot of Post Malone vibes. Feels more aligned with 'Stoney' rather than 'beerbongs & bentleys', but either way I love Post Malone and this one doesn't disappoint.

Song #2

This song came up in my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and I didn't hesitate a second to add it to my library. Definitely a really great song to cruise to. This artist Connor Kelly has a lot of amazing songs on this album. I would highly recommend checking him out!

Song #3

My favourite song on this list. Jaden and Willow Smith collaborate on this track, and it's another one of those sit back and cruise songs. This song comes from Jaden's new album 'ERYS' and there's a bunch of good tracks on there as well. Solid vibe, 10/10.

Song #4

Nothing much to say about this track. A great jam that I'm sure everyone would enjoy at some point. 🤘


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